Arbeta @ Home: Jonathan at Fabrik Games

Arbeta @ Home is a series of content aimed at putting a smile on people’s faces and offering some tips and support during the coronavirus crisis. Last time we heard from Alex at EON Reality. Today, we hear from another member of Fabrik Games team and one of our tenants at Arbeta, Jonathan.

What do you do?

Hi, I’m Jonathan or JMac as everyone at the office calls me. I am Fabrik’s Senior Character Artist making lots of lovely, cute and cuddly characters for our upcoming game.

What is your new ‘morning’ routine to get you set up ready for the day ahead?

My new routine would be an extra cup of coffee and a spot of yoga or exercising. Whichever I can make myself to do that morning!

How are you finding lockdown and balancing life outside of the office?

I’m very fortunate that I used to be a freelancer and so I have my own office set up in my house which is perfect to shut myself in away from all the distractions. Only downside with the temperatures rising is the office gets a little toasty at times!

Do you have any tips to share that’s helping you stay motivated whilst working from home?

Communication! That is definitely something I find is helping me stay on track, along with settings realistic goal, just like I would do with any client or personal work. If you make a list of manageable goals for each day you will find that you will be more productive and get a lot more done. I personally also love music and have a lot of different set ups I can choose depending on my mood, which helps me focus on what I am doing.

On days where I am really struggling to focus I then employ the Pomodoro Technique which requires you to set a timer for 25 minutes, work as hard and as focused as you can for that time then, when the alarm goes off you take a 5 minute break, go get a drink, stretch. Then rinse and repeat. It really works great for those days where you are just not feeling it as, unlike when you are in the office you have the freedom to just let your mind and body wander.

What are you looking forward to most when lockdown is over?

Firstly, seeing the family will be up there at the top of the list, our little one hasn’t seen her grandparents or great grandma in far too long. I am sure that will be at the top for everyone!

Second which will be no surprise to anyone who knows me is, I need to get out and go climbing! I’m fed up of climbing these four walls at home!

Can you share anything that’s helping your wellbeing throughout a time like this? Any advice to anyone struggling?

For me firstly music is a big thing for me so each morning I find some albums in my collection that matches my mood, stick my headphones on and get started. I find that really helps my mood and that in turn helps my mental state. Another for me is exercise and routine. Making sure I make a plan for each day and stick to it also helps my mental game, it makes me feel like I have achieved something then everything is ticked off and gives you that boost that you get when you complete a big task, I then couple that with exercise and try set myself some goals to push myself. So whether it’s handing from my finger board or injuring myself on my spin bike or just making up some wacky mobility routine up on the floor I do something every day.

Finally and by no means least, talking to people. Whether I am talking to my wife, our little one (although that is still somewhat of a one-sided conversation) or the people I work with. We need conversation! I find if I’ve not spoke to anyone in a while my brain starts to turn off and zone out. Even a 5-10 minute chat gets it firing again.

Written by:
Jonathan at Fabrik Games
Written by:
Jonathan at Fabrik Games