Arbeta @ Home: Megan Altunkaya

Arbeta @ Home is a series of content aimed at putting a smile on people’s faces and offering some tips and support during the coronavirus crisis. Last week we heard from Jonathan, one of our Tenants at Fabrik Games. In today’s blog we hear from Megan, Arbeta’s very own Front of House.

What do you do?

I’m Megan and I work Front of House for Arbeta. I am the first face you’ll see before you’ve had your morning coffee and I make sure that the tenants are happy and deal with any queries.

What is your new morning routine?

Since the pandemic, my routine has changed a lot. I’ll be honest – I’ve not mastered a perfect routine as I found myself going from waking up at 5:30am to get ready and cycle to work for 7:00am, to not exercising and finding myself in ‘coach potato’ mode sometimes waking up right before I start. Although, I have noticed I have more energy in the evenings as before I would be tired after a day in the office, so recently I’ve been trying to switch up my routine and attempting a 10-15km in the evenings to outweigh the midnight snacks! It’s important for the routine to be right for you, don’t force one if you’re not feeling it.

How are you finding balancing your work and home life?

I don’t have a designated desk at home so my current set up (when the Manchester weather permits) is the garden. Using a glass table, outdoor sofa and a big umbrella for shade. Honestly, I think it is the best office you can work in at times like these (sorry to my neighbours for constantly having to hear me play Fleetwood Mac on repeat!).

Not only am I working from home, but I have taken on the role of being mum, dad, chef and teacher to my seven year old sister as my parents are key workers. It has been hard at times trying to home school her – answering the phone and having a multiplication question being shouted in my other ear has been tricky, but we’ve made it work. Times like these it’s important to take things slow and not beat yourself up when things aren’t as perfect as you imagined them in your head, which I’m sure a lot of working from home and home schooling parents/siblings are experiencing. It’s nice to know we’re all in this together.

Another challenge was being new to Arbeta, I’d just began to learn the systems and how things work around the building to then suddenly being at home and not being able to use them anymore. Thankfully having my colleagues across the Arbeta team and beyond only being a phone call or zoom away has really helped me.

What are you looking forward to most when lockdown is over?

Catching up with my Friends and Family. Before lockdown I visited my Grandparents for a Sunday dinner religiously. Although my Mother’s roast dinner are good, nothing beats your Nan’s cooking.

Another thing that I have missed is Deansgate in Manchester. My second home on the weekend, with all my favourite bars.

Lastly, I miss the team at Arbeta – the highlights of my day are chatting and working together as a team in our amazing building, it really makes work enjoyable. I also miss problem solving in work, office life is a lot different to working from home. At the minute some of my hardest decisions have been choosing what to cook for dinner and what colour spray paint to buy for my bike.

What has helped your well being during lockdown?

I’ve really tried to keep my weekends as normal as possible. I’ll make fun plans so throughout the week I’m still excited for the weekend to come because I know on Saturday I have a Zoom video call with my friends having drinks, and Sunday is always my pamper day – face masks, bubble bath, Domino’s pizza and lots of Netflix. Bliss!

Finally I’m lucky enough to be in lockdown with my parents, brother and sister so my house is never quiet, I’m constantly around positive (and crazy!) energy which helps a lot at a time like this. Whenever I need a break from the loudness, I take myself away and read a nice book. I think it’s important to still have time to yourself during lockdown whether that be through TV or reading – but also if you are feeling down pick up the phone and speak to a family member or a friend.

Written by:
Megan Altunkaya
Written by:
Megan Altunkaya